How to change APL to BPL Ration Card 2022

How to change APL to BPL Ration card

In this article,  We give you all knowledge about Convert APL Ration Card to BPL in simple step.

kiman will tell you step by step how to make bpl card from apl, also this step will be same for all states. In gujarat, kerala, punjab, bihar, up etc states you will follow the steps as mentioned in this article then your bpl card Ration card will become.

APL to BPL Ration Card

 APL to BPL Ration Card Transfer Form

Transferring a ration card from an APL to a BPL or an Old Card to a Smart Rashan Card is a risky but straightforward process.
The migration of ration cards necessitated a page-by-page approach, which required
employees to report to officers for verification. When you go to the food office,
Pradhan, or Shop with the relevant documents, they may ask you to fill out an
application letter for a ration card transfer in your jurisdiction.

After that, you’ll be required to apply with evidence of address and the application
fee, and your transfer will be processed.

“How to convert/ change APL ration card to
BPL, Application for changing ration card
from APL to BPL in Kerala Online, West
Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, etc.”

How to Fill Out a Transfer Form for a Ration Card

1. Contact the ration shop at your previous address.

2. Inform them that you wish to alter your ration card due to damage, loss, or a
desire to upgrade from APL to BPL or BPL to Apl.

3. People using ration cards in Kotedar will provide instructions on altering them.

4. You can request that an APL Ration Card Transfer Application Form be

5. Fill out a form at the ration card office.

6. You will make a phone call to request a ration card.

How do we change our APL to a BPL card?

In the card, make your APL BPL. With your
“Certificate of Dedication” card, go to your
new Taluka By-Photo Service Center. Obtain information about your ration card by going online.

Online accounts allow you to update your address, RRR number, and other member
information, etc., only at the photo center, computer-generated, and collect what is
You must submit the following documents while applying for the ration card form.

 APL to BPL Ration Card

• proof Date of birth (in which date
• Proof of current residence.
• PAN Card.
• Driving License.
• Passport size customer photo.
• Also, the AADHAR card.

New BPL List Gujarat 2022 👉click here The importance of ration card is known to all residents of India. 

●Today under this article, we will share with you the detailed process to apply

●Ration card in Gujarat state using the official portal of ration card announced by the concerned authorities of Gujarat state.

In this article we have provided a step by step guide through which you can also check beneficiary name list for ration card in year 2022.

👉Apply BPL Card Download  click list 

Online in GUJARAT– Apply for BPL Ration Card in GUJARAT Online. Application Form can be submitted through the Food and Supply Office (DFSO) in GUJARAT. You can also Check Your BPL Ration Card Status, BPL List and Search BPL Card Holders of GUJARAT State/UT Online

● BPL ADD-ON LIST 2022-2023 👉list

Ration card can register through the official website.

Now all process can be done online. BPL card registration can also apply through the official website, it is online.

If you are already registered for ration or BPL card in Gujarat then no need to apply again.

●Go to the official website and check your name.

How to check Ration card list 2022 for Gujarat ration card: 👉click here 

●download ration card app in your mobile if you want.

Select your state from home page.

Your state list show according district wise, you can go to next.

Your district select then go to village and find your name.

Same process is for searching name in Gujarat BPL list 2022 click here

If you have any question then please write in comment box below.Gujarat BPL card holders need to find out their card number and keep it in hand, because the sarkari yojana profit can take using this card.

Change from APL to BPL card Process


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