How to download FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK 2022

Garena Free Fire OB34 Low MB Download

The most anticipated OB34 update of Garena Free Fire has finally arrived. FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK. Currently, the game is going through a maintenance break. Previously, we have shared all about the Rank System, character abilities, and Clash Squad changes. Let’s check out the download link of the latest FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version fire ob34 apk download 2022.

The Free Fire community pays a great deal of attention to updates as these lead to the launch of a wide array of new features. Ever since its initial release, the developers have issued numerous patches, which has resulted in the game’s entire transformation into what it is fire ob34 update apk download 2022.

The forthcoming release of the game, i.e., the OB34 version, is scheduled to be made available tomorrow, 25 May. Users will be required to utilize the appropriate App Stores based on the type of device they possess.ff ob 34 update apk download

Every time a major update rolls out, the Free Fire developers publish the APK file for the update on their website. The APK file for the Free Fire OB34 update is currently available, and mobile gamers can follow the steps given below to download it:

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Steps to download FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK file

FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK

Step 1: Players will have to go to the official website of the battle royale game at

Step 2: Then, they will have to tap on the Download APK button.

How to download FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK 2022

Step 3: Once the file is downloaded, users will have to activate the “Install from Unknown Sources” option on their Android devices and proceed with the installation.

Step 4: When the maintenance time is over, mobile gamers can log into the game and play the OB34 version of the battle royale game.

Here are a few of the features that have been introduced via the OB34 update in the battle royale game:

  • Players can now enjoy a new sniper rifle named M24.
  • Mobile gamers can also play the latest Craftland mode map, Isle of Champs.
  • The ranked system of the game has been overhauled.
  • The skills of famous characters like Chrono, Dimitri, D-bee, Alok, A124, Nairi, Misha, Wukong, Clu, Xayne, Wolfrahh, Kenta, Steffie, and Skyler have undergone major changes.
  • Players can purchase Memory Fragments using gold coins to level up characters.
  • Mobile gamers can now upgrade their armor to Level 4 by heading over to the CS Store.
  • Bermuda, Kalahari, and Alpine are three maps that have been adjusted in the Clash Squad mode.
  • Players enjoying the Battle Royale mode can now enjoy visual effects on rare loot, airdrop enhancements, etc.

How to get any Free Fire character for free in FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK

After the player has decided which character to utilize, the next step is to complete the Link progression by either participating in matches or using gold to expedite this process. Since the developers have enforced a restriction on both of these methods, it will not be possible for gamers to acquire the character instantlyFREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK.

Once the progress is complete, they will receive the character for free. Gamers can follow the steps given below to acquire characters for free through the link system.

Step 1: Players should sign in to their Free Fire MAX account and open the character section by selecting the option from the right side of the screen.

FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK

Step 2: Next, they should click on the Link option on the top side. A new interface will be displayed on the screen where users should select the character of their choice. Gamers should confirm their selection when a dialog box appears.

Step 3: Finally, players can compete in matches while exchanging gold for the Link Progress. If they wish to change the character, they will have to wait for 24 hours.

Step 4: Once the progress reaches 13500, they will receive the specified character free of cost. FREE FIRE OB34 max updated version APK

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