How To Earn Money From Facebook , How much Facebook pay for 1,000 views?

How To Earn Money From Facebook? This Is A Question That Is Searched Quite Often On The Internet. You All Know What Facebook Is. But Do You Know How To Earn Money From Facebook? If You Do Not Know That Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye And In What Ways Money Can Be Earned On Facebook, Then In This Article, We Will Try To Share Complete Information About All The Methods Of Online Paise Kamaye From Facebook.

Currently, All Internet Users Use Facebook. And Everyone Definitely Has Their Own Profile Account On Facebook. But Everyone Uses Facebook To Upload Photos, Videos, Share Like Comments On Posts And Chat With Each Other.

But Do You Know That You Can Make Money From Facebook? And There Are Many Ways On Facebook By Which You Can Earn Good Money From Facebook Sitting At Home Without Any Investment. So Let’s Now Know About The Method Of Earning Money From Facebook.

What Is Facebook?

” Facebook ” Is A ‘ Social Networking Service & Social Media App ‘. Which Was Established On ‘4 February 2014’. The Founder Of Facebook Is ” Mark Elliot Zuckerberg “. You Can Share Your Photos, and Videos With People By Creating Your Profile On Facebook.

Also, You Can Add Your Friends, Relatives, And Acquaintances To It. Facebook Is A Platform Where You Can Talk To Your Friends, Relatives, And New People Through Chat, Voice Call & Video Call. 2.70 Billion People Are Active On Facebook In A Month.

There Are Many Such Easy Ways To Earn Money From Facebook (The Best Way You Can Make Money On Facebook In Hindi), With The Help Of Which You Can Easily Earn 30 To 50 Thousand Rupees A Month Sitting At Home. Out Of Which The Best Way Is To Make Money From Facebook Page.

How To Earn Money From Facebook page?

Facebook Page Is Such A Tool With The Help Of Which You Can Generate Money In Many Ways. But For This, You Have To Do Some Important Things First. Only After This, You Can Earn Well From Facebook. So You Have To Keep These Important Things In Mind.

  1. Create Facebook Page According To Your Interest
  2. Post Your Own Unique Content On Your Page.
  3. Add At Least 10 Thousand Followers On Your Facebook Page.

How To Increase Followers On Facebook Page?

To Earn Money From Facebook Page, It Is Very Important To Have 10 Thousand Likes Or Followers On The Page. To Increase Followers, You Get Many Options On Facebook Itself From Where You Can Add People To Your Page.

Increase Followers From Facebook Group: – This Is The Easiest And Best Way To Increase Followers On Your Facebook Page. There Are Many Such Groups On Facebook In Which Crores Of People Are Connected.

You Can Join The Facebook Group According To Your Niche Like This. And By Sharing The Post Of Your Page In The Group, You Can Reach Your Page To Crores Of People. More People Will Also Join You.

How much Facebook pay for 1,000 views

Do you get paid for 1000 views on Facebook? Facebook’s ad campaigns generate an average of $8.75 per 1,000 views, according to the Social Media Examiner

Ways to earn money from Facebook Page.

After Adding Followers To The Facebook Page, You Become Eligible To Earn Money From It. And The More Your Followers Will Increase, The More Your Income Will Also Increase. Let Us Now Know About The Tricks Of Earning Money From a Facebook Page.

Facebook Audience Network(Facebook Monetization Tool)

facebook ads
Facebook Video Ads

Like Youtube, Facebook Also Has Its Own Monetization Program. Which Works Like Youtube. The Way Ads Come On Youtube Videos, Similarly, Ads Are Shown On Monetization On Facebook Videos Too. Whose Facebook Gives Us Some Money? (How To Monetize Facebook Page 2020)

Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility

If You Are A Youtube Creator Or Know About Youtube, Then You Would Know That To Be Eligible For Youtube Monetization, You Have To Complete 1000 Subscribers And 4000 hours of Watch time In The Last 30 Days.

Similarly, To Be Eligible For Facebook Monetization, You Should Have Completed 10k Or More Followers And 30000 Views On 3 Minute Videos In The Last 60 Days. But Your 3-Minute Video Is Counted In Views Only When It Is Watched For 1 Minute.

If You Fulfill these Criteria Of Facebook, Then Ads Will Start Appearing On Your Videos, So That You Can Earn Good Money.

Affiliate Marketing

Today’s Date Affiliate Marketing Program Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online. Because With The Help Of an Affiliate Program, You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Sitting At Home Without Any Investment And Without Hard Work.

There Are Many Online Shopping Websites That Run Affiliate Programs. Out Of Which Amazon.Com And Flipkart.Com Are The Most Popular Affiliate Programs.

To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing On Facebook, You Have To Join Any Affiliate Network. After This You Have To Generate An Affiliate Link. That Affiliate Link Has To Be Shared In Your Facebook Page Or Group. Now If A User Buys That Product By Visiting Your Posted Link, Then You Get Some Percentage Commission Of The Price Of That Product.

Earn Money From Sponsored Posts & Paid Promotion On Facebook

For Sponsored Post, You Should Have At Least 10k Followers On Your Facebook Page. After Which You Can Share Sponsored Post Of Different Brands On Your Page. It Sends You The Post Payment In Advance.

You Can Earn Money By Sharing The Article Of Paid Promotion Website Or Blog On Your Page. There Are Many People Who Get Their Articles Shared On Facebook Page To Bring Traffic To Their Website And In Return Gives You Money. Or Pays You On The Basis Of PPV (Pay Per View) Or PPC (Pay Per Click).

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Earn Money By Selling Your Product On your Facebook Page

If you Already Have An Online Or Offline Business And Want To Bring Business Or Any Product In Front Of People, Then You Can Increase Your Sales By Doing a Free Online Advertisement From your Fb Page. And If You Are Associated With Any Networking Marketing, Then You Can Sell Your Products Here.

:- Apart From This, If You Have A Website, Then You Can Send Traffic To That Website From your Fb Page. All You Have To Do Is Share The Link Of The Article On The Facebook Page.

Earn Money By Selling Facebook Page

You Can Sell Your Facebook Page. There Are Many Marketers Or Bloggers Who Buy Fb Pages To Sell Their Products Or Promote Their Blogs. If The More Followers On Your Page And The Older Your Page Is, The More Money You Will Get.

How to earn money from the Facebook group?

You Can Also Earn Money From Facebook Group. You Have To Create A Group On Facebook. In This, You Have To Add At Least 10k Members.

You Can Do Paid Survey In Fb Group. Affiliate Link Can Be Shared, Sponsored Post & Paid Promotion Can Be Done. And You Can Sell Your Blog Or Any Product. These Are The Ways By Which You Can Earn Money From Facebook Group.

So, Friends, I Have Given You Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. Complete Information About All The Methods Is Shared In This Article. And Also How To Earn Money From Facebook Page? And How To Earn Money From Facebook Group? I Have Also Given you Complete Information About what I Hope Now You Must Have Understood How To Earn Money From Facebook.

All Our Readers Are Requested To Share This Article With Your Acquaintances, Friends, And Relatives So That They Too Can Know How To Earn Money From Facebook. Thank You.

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