The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

The quick and easy way to effective speaking Book summary by dale Carnegie.

Book :  The Quick and Easy Way  to  effective speaking


Author : Dale Carnegie

In this summary, you will learn how you can overcome your fear and anxiety related to public speaking.  You will learn that a public speaker is also a human being.  He makes mistakes and he is also scared on stage.  But important is that you have courage, confidence and strong intentions.  With the help of practice and tips mentioned in this summary, you will be ready to become a successful public speaker.

Who should read this summary?

  •  – Those who are afraid of public speaking
  •  – Who has to give a speech after a few days or months
  •  – Different field leaders (school, office or organization)

 About author

Dale Carnegie was a famous writer and lecturer.  He designed courses for Public Speaking, Salesmanship, Self Improvement and Communication Skills.  He is the founder of Dale Carnegie Training, which currently has branches in 85 countries.The Quick and Easy Way

Dale Carnegie was from a poor family.  He grew up on a farm.  But he achieved tremendous success on his own writing and teaching skills.  Millions of copies of his books have been sold.  Dale Carnegie Training celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. The Quick and Easy Way


The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie



→How do you feel when someone points the microphone towards you to speak at a party?

What will you do when you are asked to present a report in front of an expert ?

How would you react if you were called to deliver a speech in a conference?


For some people, such opportunities are exciting and exciting and they want them to get more opportunities to speak.  But the rest of the people start to panic and get worried on such occasions.  If you also feel uncomfortable at a time when everyone is on the stage, then this book is for you.  The Quick and Easy Way

 This book will help you become a good speaker.

This book is not like other books at all.  Many books written on public speaking focus on techniques such as vocal articulation.

The Quick and Easy Way

This book will focus on how you can attract the attention of the audience.

This book tells the story of successful people who were afraid to speak or shy in public, but now they are a successful speaker.  People repeat their words today and their words have made a deep impact on the lives of many people. The Quick and Easy Way

This book does not ask you to be like anyone else.  This will help you to develop confidence, hope and firm intention. After reading this book, you will be able to overcome your inner fear and anxiety.  With the help of this book, you will be able to speak comfortably among people.

 Acquiring the Basic Skills ,Achieve basic skills

If you are afraid to speak among people, then you will definitely want to overcome this fear and maybe you will also want to overcome the hesitation.  You would like to be confident and calm.  You will definitely want your ideas to be spoken in such a way that they are easily understood.  So how can you keep your point clear so that people can understand your point.

The Quick and Easy Way


  •  First, you should learn from other people’s experiences.  No one is a public speaker by birth.  This is a skill that you have to master.  It can take years to become perfect.
  •  Second, you have to always keep your goal in mind.  You have to remember what are the benefits of being a self-confident and effectively speaking among people. You will be able to make more friends and serve your society in a better way.  Even in your office you will be able to influence people.  Knowing how to speak well will also prepare you for the leadership role.
  •  Third, be determined that you will be successful.  With this you will be able to think positively and believe that you can speak properly among people and can be successful in it.  Nothing is better than a negative mindset.
  •  Fourth, you should not miss any opportunity to practice.  It is not enough to know the DOs and DON’Ts of public speaking just to be a good speaker.  You have to practice continuously.  If you do not practice, you will never know how much progress you can make.


The writer of this book  Dale Carnegie received a message that he was surprised to see.  The message was sent by a man named Mario Lajoie, who told Carnegie that he was coming to New York to train for one of his speeches.  When they met in New York, Lajoie told him about his problem.

The Quick and Easy Way

The Havana Country Club was about to celebrate its founder’s 50th birthday.  Lajoie was summoned to deliver the main speech that evening and to present the Silver Cup to the Founder.  Lajo was an attorney, but in his life he had never given a speech in front of the public.  Actually he was very afraid of giving speech among the people.  He felt that due to a bad speech, people would make fun of him and his wife, which might also reduce his respect among clients.  This is why he came to New York. The Quick and Easy Way

The challenge was that Lajo was scheduled to stay in New York for only three weeks, and so he practiced speaking in Carnegie’s class three to four times each night.  Lajoie gave his speech at the country club after three weeks.  His speech was so great that Time magazine wrote a report about it.  He described Lajoie as a “silver-tongued orator”.


This shows that many people did not like public speaking but they are now a successful speaker.  This miracle can also happen to you.

Developing confidence –  The Quick and Easy Way

Bring confidence in you How many opportunities have you missed for fear of not speaking among people?  These are some tips with which you can beat the fear of stage.  This will also help you gain confidence in yourself in a few weeks.
  • First, you should know a few things that you are not the only one who is afraid of public speaking.  Many people, even professional speakers, are afraid to go on stage sometimes. You are afraid of public speaking because you are not used to it.  By practicing continuously, you can remove this fear from inside you.  It is like playing tennis or driving a car for the first time.  If you do not practice, you will never be able to do all this well.
  • Second, prepare well.  Never miss a word of speech because you can forget the words, due to which you can panic on stage.  Speak in your own words so that you look active and effective and not a robot.  However, you can prepare the outline of your speech in advance.  With this you will be able to make sure that your speech follows a logical pattern and fits you in the given time.  Practice your speech in your own words.  You can also practice this with your friends so that you can get their feedback.
  • Third, adopt a positive approach to gain success.  Put everything in your subject and show your passion to the audience.  Praise yourself and enrage yourself to do better.


Lastly, be confident.  Breathe before speaking, stand upright and maintain eye contact with your audience.  People have just come to tell you.  So handle the stage and show them what you can do.
 Vance Bushnell was the Vice President of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, a few years ago he was called to speak among 2000 people from all over America.  He had just started his career in the insurance industry but due to his success he was chosen to give a 20 minute long speech.  Bushnell accepted it but made a mistake.  He memorized every word of his speech and practiced his expression in front of the mirror.
 When that day came, Bushnell stood on the stage, but they forgot everything.  He took a step back and tried to start his speech again. A story needs to be set up.  There was no railing on the stage and there was a lot of free space behind the wall and the stage.

Effective Speaking

 Bushnell continued backstage on stage and repeated some lines of his speech again and again.  But when he took his step back for the fourth time, he fell down from the stage and the audience started laughing loudly.  It is good that the audience found this to be a part of their act.
 Bushnell felt so embarrassed that he wanted to quit his job.  But his resignation from his seniors was not accepted and helped him to regain his lost confidence.  After some time, Bushnell became the best speaker of the organization. He never wrote his speech again.
Speaking Effectively the Quick and Easy Way
 Have you ever heard someone speak on a difficult subject?
 Did you understand that speech?
The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie 
  When they are speaking, then maybe your attention will be moving here and there.  No matter how good you are, there is a flaw in being a public speaker.  Your audience will not listen to you if you use very difficult words.  Their attention will not be on you if you repeat only the things written in a book in your speech.  You have to say your speech in that speech so that the audience can connect with you.
 So, how can you give a great speech,
  • first thing, you should only speak on that which you have knowledge.  Your speech may be on a topic that you have studied well, it can also be about your profession.  It can also be about the difficulties of your life and how you faced them.  It can also be about your hobby or it may be about one of your unique experiences.                                  Your audience knows whether you have missed it or you are speaking from the heart.  All these things make a difference whether your speech is worth listening to or not.
  • Second, be excited about your topic.  Show your audience your enthusiasm.  Stay positive and talk about your topic.  This will make the audience pay attention to your talk, would like to hear you more.
  • Third, be eager to share your point with the audience.  Your excitement should reach your audience.  Keep your attention on the audience and not on yourself.  Say your words in words that they can understand.
 Carnegie once organized a public speaking course for New York City bank officers.  These officers were very busy and had very little time left for the course.  Jackson, an officer at Citibank, was asked to give a speech to the class.  Actually he was not ready for this.  In haste, he bought a copy of Forbes’ magazine from outside his office and then he went to class.
 For his speech, he read a magazine article titled “You only have ten years to succeed”.  Jackson tried to talk about this article but he did not succeed, there was no real message in his speech.  It was clear from his body language and voice.  When he finished his speech, Carnegie told him that he had nothing of his own in his speech.
People don’t want to hear what the author of Forbes magazine has said.  People wanted to know about Jackson and his thinking.
 Jackson reread that article.  He realized that he did not agree with what was written in that magazine.  So now he recalled his experiences as a bank executive for his speech.  The next week he came back and talked to the class, shared his experience and people in the class listened to him carefully.  It was clear that his second speech was more effective.  Similarly, you can also become a successful speaker.
The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie
Earning the Right to Talk
 If you want to be a good speaker then you must know how to keep the audience interested.  Let us know some ways that will help you in this.
  • First, limit the subject of your speech. Shorten your topic, especially when you are given limited time to talk about it.  What if you started talking around the world in your speech?  Perhaps your audience will start to get bored.  Focusing on a topic will make your audience understand you better.  This will also help you to follow a logical pattern.
  • Second, you must have reserve power.  You should know about your topic by doing research and study.  In this way you will be able to keep your thoughts clear.  This will also prepare you for the questions asked from the audience.
  • Third, your speech should have as many examples and illustrations as possible.  Give your talk a human touch by sharing your experience with the audience.  People will like to hear about you as long as you don’t talk rudely.  Use the name to personalize your point.  You can also use mind names in your example.  This will help the audience understand who said what and who did what.  If you want to do more, then you can use the dialog in your example to give it the form of a drama.  You can make your talk more relatable by interacting with the audience.
  • Fourth, use strong and well-known words that create pictures in the mind.  Create a realistic picture for your audience.  For example, when you say “dog”, different types of dogs can come in the mind of the audience, but when you say “bulldog” or “German shepherd”, the picture becomes more clear.

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie 

 The author of the best-selling book “Inside” was working on an article series about John Gunther Mental Hospitals.  Whatever institute he went to, he researched there and gathered information.  Gunther used different sources for information.  He also studied the statistics of the private hospital along with the report of the national and local government.  However, he was able to write only four articles.  This was enough to make a good speech.
 The notebook he used during his research must have had a weight of about twenty pounds.  But the article which was published was of few ounces.  Gunther tells us that there is no need to include everything.  Only important points should be written, just like when giving a public speech.  Keep all the other factors separate for future use like your reserve power.

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

Delivering the Talk

speak your mind
 How can you connect with the audience and say what you want?
 How do you know that they are understanding what you are saying?
  • First, you have to break the shell of the hesitation.  You have to remove every obstacle that prevents you from speaking truthfully and revealing your true self in front of people.  Once you set yourself free on the stage, you will feel like a bird that has flown out of its cage.
  • Second, don’t try to imitate others.  Be yourself.  You have a different thing.  Always remember that there is no one else like you.  Appreciate yourself and show them who you are.
  • Third, talk to your audience, convey your message from your heart and mind to the heart and mind of the audience.  Realize that you are talking to everyone.  Talk to them directly and naturally.
  • Fourth, you should say your heart.  If you are passionate about your topic, then you will not have any problem in talking about it among the people.  Remember that your energy and passion should reach the audience.
Last thing, make your voice strong and flexible.  As you practice regularly, your performance will get better.  You can record your video or audio to check the pitch, volume, speed and variation of your voice.  With this help, you can tell your speech to your friends before going on stage.
 Once Carnegie went to a summer resort in the Swiss Alps.  They stayed in the hotel where some lecturers from England used to come to talk to the hotel guests every week.  One of them was a well-known English novelist and his topic was “The Future of Novel”.
 When she spoke, she told that she had not chosen this topic.  His words were not clear and he did not even look at the audience.  It seemed as if she was ignoring him.  Sometimes she was looking at her notes and sometimes at the ground.  She did not seem to be connected not only to her topic but also to the audience.
 It seemed as if she was talking to people, not from the ground.  If you want to be a good and effective speaker, then you have to avoid doing this.  Always speak your mind with passion and passion and most importantly, connect with your audience.


 From this book you learned that no one is a public speaker by birth.  Professional public speakers also get a little scared when they are on stage.  The thing that matters the most is to keep practicing.
 You have learned that while giving speech, you have to keep your goal in mind.  Think about the benefits of public speaking and get rid of your anxiety and fear.  With public speaking, you can make new friends and improve your career.  Draw success with positive mindset.  If you think that your speech will be good, then it will be true.
 You have learned how to prepare your speech ahead of time.  Do not memorize each word of your speech.  By doing this you will look like a robot.  You can also forget your words with this.  Always speak from your heart and do not stop yourself.  The audience will understand you better with your emotions.
 A good public speaker has to be and looks confident.  Remember people come to see and hear you.  Control the stage.  Choose a topic that you are very passionate about.  This will not make it difficult for you to answer the questions of the audience.

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie 

 Becoming a successful public speaker is a process.  One doesn’t become a great speaker in just one day.  Therefore, you should apply all the tips mentioned in this book.  One day you too will see yourself applauding and people standing in your honor.

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