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By | July 26, 2023
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Amazon Seller : Welcome to the world of online! In today’s world of the internet, every person is looking for an online business instead of offline one. But today you have come thinking of the right direction! Amazon Seller kaise bane You must have seen that in today’s time, people prefer online shopping instead of offline!

The way people’s interest in online shopping is increasing gradually! Or seeing the online shopping business growing rapidly, this question must have come in your mind as well, Amazon seller kaise bane, because at present the most important online shopping e-commerce website is there! Or is it just Amazon?

In the beginning, Amazon was not so important for the people, but gradually the offers started coming, then people started shopping, did the sale of Amazon gradually increase or people were not interested in online shopping earlier, as the offers started coming? So everyone started considering it important. See the main page below. how to become an amazon seller 

  • How to become an Amazon seller?
  • how to become an amazon seller 2023
  • How to sell stuff on amazon. 2023
  • How to earn money by becoming an Amazon seller?

how to become amazon seller

Amazon Seller: By the way , becoming an Amazon seller is not that difficult in today’s time, in this article we will give you information by discussing various things related to Amazon! But it is also important to keep in mind that to become an Amazon seller , you must have your own product!

What is an Amazon seller , what are the benefits of becoming an Amazon seller, documents required for Amazon seller, how to become an Amazon seller, and how to earn money by becoming an Amazon seller , it is important to know the complete information of Amazon Seller kaise bane as much as possible! Let’s understand this in detail!

What is an Amazon seller?

If you are not getting complete information about Amazon seller , then get complete information in this article. A mazon seller is a third party seller, who tells Amazon that you want to sell the product through us, then list Amazon se paisa. This is also a great way to

A seller can sell any of his products through Amazon by listing them, or before that you have to decide the price of the product, by making your own margin, the seller through the seller dashboard to market the product. Can manage or monitor your product, inventory, price, report, advertisement, all these,

After all this, if we look at the process, when a seller’s product is sold through Amazon, then Amazon keeps some percentage of it, and the rest of the money is deposited in the seller’s account,

If we talk about the final, then overall Amazon seller is a third stage seller, who can sell different types of products through Amazon! The search for Amazon Seller kaise bane is over here, now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Seller, amzone profit loss

Benefits of becoming an Amazon seller – (amazon seller feedback) Amazon seller

If you sell your face by becoming an Amazon seller, then you have many types of benefits, there are some benefits about which you never got information, pay attention to the main point written below!

  • Earn money by becoming an Amazon seller
  • Earn millions of rupees by doubling your sales from online
  • Millions of people shop on Amazon every day
  • Sitting at home as an Amazon seller
  • Product can reach millions of people
  • There is no negotiation of the product on Amazon,
  • Sell ​​your products by managing online business sitting at home, earn 1500 rupees daily by becoming an Amazon seller
  • You can start your business online even with limited products

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Important documents to become an Amazon seller — (amazon seller account sign up important documents)

To become an Amazon seller, some verify documents are also required, which is more important, without these it is difficult to become an Amazon seller, see the following documents given below!

  1. your business details
  2. your bank details
  3. Basic information of business
  4. Regular contact number (email I’d and phone number)
  5. pen number
  6. GST number

You can become an Amazon seller by filling all these details in AMAZON!

How to become an Amazon seller? How to become an Amazon seller?

Remember this is the most important part for Amazon seller , so read carefully Amazon seller kaise bane, we will know step by step the complete processing of Amazon seller

1. Open the Amazon seller website (open kare Amazon seller website)

Remember, to become an Amazon seller, you must first create an Amazon Seller account, the first step is that you can easily complete this process in 20 to 25 minutes.

To create an Amazon seller account, you must be thinking about the website, from which website the account will be created, for this we will give you complete information, which no one has given till date, we will give that you have to go to the Amazon Seller Central website, now pay attention to  your The webpage will open according to the photo below, you have to click on start selling!

2. Create Amazon account — (Create Amazon Account)

After this, now a new webpage will open in front of you or in which you can create your account on Amazon, if you have an old Amazon account, then you have to login to your Amazon by entering User I’d and Password!

If you do not have any old account of yours, then click on Create Your Amazon Account and fill your information and create an Amazon Account!

Enter your details in Create Your Amazon Account, the main points written below 

  • Your name
  • Mobile Number — Enter your regular number
  • Email I’d — Remember to enter your Email I’d along with full details
  • Password — Think of a password that is strong and enter it only.

Make sure to complete the above process and fill your details carefully. Now click on Continue at the bottom of it, if you have clicked on Continue then now a new page will open in front of you in which you are being asked for OTP!

Now you have to Veirfy by putting OTP in it. Finally, you have to login to your Amazon account by using your Email Id password which you had entered first.

After all this is done, now you will see that your account is ready, through this account you can do Amazon Shopping , but you will remember that we have to create an Amazon seller account,

3. Create Amazon Seller Account.

Amazon seller kaise bane pay attention, this is one of the most important part, so all the details have to be filled carefully.To create an Amazon seller account, you will be seeing a form, to complete this, you have to create an Amazon seller account by filling the form in 4 steps!

Pay attention, first, you will be asked to enter the business name, now enter the name of your business or tick the box with Seller Agreement and click on Continue!After this process, you enter whatever is the name of your store, now after that you have to select a category of your product, note that in this page you also have to fill your business address completely, after entering all this information, you have to click on Continue!We have told you very well from our side how to become an Amazon seller ! Now you have to enter the details of the seller correctly, which we have given abo ve information, now we will talk about delivery, shipping, and many other types of information that you should know!

  • Amazon FBA — You can get the shopping done by joining the Amazon FBA program, but even in easy mode, Amazon takes full responsibility of getting the product delivery done, in return for this service, Amazon takes some payment from you !
  • Amazon Easy Ship — By the way, you can also get the product shipped through Amazon seller, there are many ways to earn money from Amazon i.e. Amazon customers will come to you or place orders, but in this you will have to pack the product and give it!

Self Ship You can also do your product shipping by yourself,

  • Shipping Method After this is final, you click on the Next option, at the same time you have to enable 2 Step Verification.

Special information Now you have to fill Tex details, in this you have to enter your GST number and PAN .. number, then CLICK on NEXT, Next part Now you will reach the dashboard section in which you have to fill some other details,

  • If you want, you can also keep free shipping or how much money do you want to keep for shipping,
  • Enter your bank information in which Amazon’s money will be directly transferred to your account if a product is sold!
  • Put your signature on a paper or upload it too

How to become an Amazon seller — (Amazon seller kaise bane) How to sell goods on Amazon 2023.

After entering other details of Amazon seller, you click on Launch Your business, repeating the same you will reach the Seller Dashboard, if you have reached the response mentioned by me, then now you can get the product listed on AMAZON by the Add Product option here!

Through these feedback you can become an Amazon seller ! Creating an Amazon seller is not a difficult task, it is a very easy way, as I told you, you can create your seller account in the same way,

Now we will understand the process of listing the product, how we can list the product, know all these in detail,

4. Open your Dashboard, now you will see the option of Add Product in the Dashboard, now click on it, be it any product, its details like photo, product price, etc., add it to the Amazon marketplace, now after this any customer can add to your Amazon If you buy from the list, then its money will be directly deposited in your account!

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