Shillong teer facebook : hit number, common number, result 100% sure target

Shillong teer facebook all group

In this article, we give you all data about the Shillong Teer Facebook group hit number, common number.

Shillong teer Result Today

What is the Shillong Teer game?

The Meghalaya State Government plays the game of Shillong Teer.

Shillong Teer is a unique Lottery Game connected with Archery Sports. This lottery game is played only in Meghalaya state in India. This game is also known as Thoh Tim or Siat Khnam.

This game is a gamble but the Meghalaya government has recognized it to be played.

Shillong Teer Facebook Group list

Below is the list  (Source: Facebook)


Updated: November 7, 2022 — 8:16 am

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