Top 5 music streaming apps in india

Top 5 music streaming apps in india

Top 5 music streaming apps in india

Music has always been an integral part of every Indian’s daily lifestyle, but with each passing year the consumption patterns have varied based on the advancement of technology. Current digital technology powered by the power of the Internet has made various music collections available at the fingertips, from the early days of Bollywood to the current rap and remix era of Bollywood. Given the potential for content consumption and revenue generation in the Indian market, many existing / new streaming companies have entered the music streaming space in India.

Best Music Streaming Apps in India


 1) Spotify

➠  No discussion on music streaming apps can be complete without mentioning Spotify. The Sweden-headquartered company launched in India in early 2019 and touched 1 million users within a week. The algorithm is user-friendly and the suggestions are best curated based on the users’ interests. The business model is freemium, i.e. a mix of free subscription and paid plans. A 3-month trial period is included and paid subscription plans start at ₹119.00/month. Premium plans include ad-free music experience, offline playback, multi-device access features to name a few. Podcasts are also listed as available on Spotify.

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2) JioSaavn

➠ Launched as Saavn in the year 2007, this music streaming app has now been merged with Jio Music and renamed as JioSaavn. This name is synonymous with because it means barish romantic songs in Hindi. JioSaavn has a collection of more than 45 million songs in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. Reliance Jio users can also use the app to set their Jio caller tunes from a huge music library of 70s, 90s and current rap/remixes. The business model is freemium and premium plans start at ₹99/month. The free trial period is for 90 days and premium plans include adding free music streaming and offline playback. Podcasts and radio streaming are also available.

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  3) jio Gaana


➠ Launched in April 2010, gaana .com is India’s leading music streaming app service with 100 million+ monthly users. Founded by Times Internet, the music streaming app has songs listed in 21 languages ​​with a song collection of 45 million+. Gaana .com allows its users to create their own public music playlists that can be used by other gaana .com users. The business model is also freemium and the Gana Plus plan starts at ₹ 99/month. Paid subscription plan includes HD music streaming, ad-free music experience and offline download of unlimited songs. Podcasts and radio streaming are also available.

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4) YouTube Music

➠ Probably the biggest threat to other music streaming apps in India at the moment. The YouTube Music paid plan, which includes ad-free music streaming, skipping and scrubbing, offline and background playback and 256 bit/second, starts at ₹ 99/month. The biggest plus point for YouTube Music is the option of video and music-only playback in a single app. All videos uploaded to the YouTube service by mainstream artists are available as music in the YouTube Music streaming app. The service was launched in India in March 2019. The algorithm is beautifully designed to deliver the best recommendations based on users’ music streaming history.

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5) Wynk Music

➠ Airtel offers industry first free download feature of Wynk music music streaming app, available only to Airtel users. Wink Music has a wide range of music collections in all major Indian languages. The paid subscription plan starts at ₹ 60/month which includes ad free streaming with a free trial period of 1 month.

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