10 Interesting Mexico Independence Day Facts


Mexico Was Called New Spain

FACT - 1

American were stripped of their land and forced into positions of slavery for more than 300 years. During this time the area under Spanish rule was called the New Spain.

Conspiracies Began In 1809

FACT - 2

Before the start of the war for independence on the 16th September 1810, many rebels had been identified, captured and executed by the Spanish Government.

A Priest Led The War

FACT - 3

 arrest, a Roman Catholic priest named Father Miguel Hidalgo led the war for independence. He rang the bells of his church at 11pm on the 15th September 1810 and called in the people of the town of Dolores.

It Started With The Cry of Dolores

FACT - 4

In the early hours of 16th September 1810 Hidalgo called on his congregation to rally and rebel against Spanish rule through a powerful speech known as ‘El Grito de Dolores’. It ended with the words ‘Viva Mexico’ and ‘Viva la independencia’.

It’s A Two Day Celebration

FACT - 5

Because of above events, the Mexico Independence Day celebrations actually happen over two days. Starting at 11pm on the 15th September with The Day of the Cry of Dolores, followed by Independence Day on the 16th.

The War Lasted 11 Years

FACT - 6

Hidalgo was captured and executed in 1811. But many brave others carried on the fight over the next 11 years that it took for Spain to grant Mexico its independence in 1821.

There Is An Annual Reenactment

FACT - 7

Although the actual wording has been lost, a variation of the The Cry of Dolores speech is recited every year at 11pm on the 15th September by the current president of the country and city officials throughout Mexico.

2 day Big hollyday

FACT - 8

Mexico Independence Day is a National Holiday and banks, government offices, schools and most workplaces are closed.

The National Flag Was Created in 1821

FACT - 9

The green stands for the independence movement of 1810-1821. The white the importance of Catholic faith to the Mexicans.

Cinco de Mayo Is A Different Thing

FACT - 10

Cinco de Mayo actually stands to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862.