How to read WhatsApp chat of others on your phone? How to read other’s WhatsApp chat on your phone

By | July 26, 2023
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WhatsApp chat of others on your phone : WhatsApp is really a private thing for a person with a Smartphone and he does not want anyone to read those private chats. There are many tricks that allow people to read other people’s WhatsApp chats. But as soon as it became popular, WhatsApp closed all those loopholes.

Here we have a trick that will let you read others’ WhatsApp chats on your smartphone without getting caught. This is not a technical flaw, but a simple trick to make you do this.

Note: Make sure to use this trick only for fun or ethical reasons. Violating the privacy of another without knowing it is a heinous crime and morally wrong as well.

How to see someone else’s message?

WhatsApp chat of others on your phone : How to see someone else’s message? Friends, there is no such way to see the message without touching the phone of any person, but yes! If the person in front wants your GF or your BF himself, then you can see his messages live on your phone by calling Google Meet on your GF’s phone. Now for this you have to download the Google Meet app on your phone as well as on the other person’s phone. After that you can see the other’s message by getting their screen cast from the person in front.

How to read someone else’s WhatsApp chat in your mobile?

To read someone’s WhatsApp message, you have to download WAPro App WhatsApp in your phone and go to other’s WhatsApp > on three dots > then Linked Devices > after that > ​​Link a Devices you will have to link your WhatsApp Web, then with the help of WhatsApp Web you can read other’s WhatsApp message.

How to see other’s WhatsApp chat

To see other’s WhatsApp, you have to download wapro app from play store. This is that app. With which you can see WhatsApp of others. Follow the steps:

Step 1. First of all you go to Play Store

Step 2. Then search WAPro App

Step 3. Now after this download this app in your phone

Step 4. Now you have to take the other’s phone

Step 5. Then open his WhatsApp

Step 6. Click on the three dot option,

Step 7. Now click on linked device,

Step 8.  After this tap on Link a device and tap on Use Mobile Data.

Step 9. Now the camera will open in that phone to scan the QR CODE

Step 10. Now you have to open the wapro app on your phone.

Step 11. Then the fourth option is to click on the option with whats scan!

Step 12. Now you have to scan the bar code which is visible on your phone from other’s phone.

Step 13. So in this way you (dusro ka whatsapp) can see other’s WhatsApp chat in apne phone mein.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp chat

To read someone’s WhatsApp chat, first you have to download and install WAPro App from Google Play Store. And whose chat you want to read, you will have to take his phone for 2 minutes, then no one will even know that you are reading someone’s WhatsApp chat. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp

Step 2. Click on three Dot

Step 3. Select the Settings option

Step 4. Go to Chats option

Step 5. Now click on Chat History

Step 6. Click on Export Chats

Step 7. All his chats will be visible in front of you, whoever he talked to

Step 8. Select whose chats you want to export

Step 9. Now you will see two option with media and without media

Step 10. Select an option

Step 11. Now you can send it on your WhatsApp Number and also by Email

Now you have to open this document in your phone, if you do not have HTML viewer in your phone, then download the download link of the app below.

Find out who is sending WhatsApp messages to whom?

To do this, you will have to download WAPro App in your phone, then you will have to take another phone and go to WhatsApp in that phone> click on three dots> then Linked Devices> then click on Link a Devices and scan the QR code which will be found on the 4th number in WhatScan option in WApro and WhatsApp Link, then with WAPro app you can find out who is sending WhatsApp messages to whom.

How to run others WhatsApp on your phone

For this, you have to take the phone of the person in front, if you can do this, then download the wapro app from play store in your phone and see the other’s message comfortably!

FAQs in Hindi: How to check someone’s Whatsapp

Question 1. How to check someone’s WhatsApp

Answer – To check someone’s WhatsApp, you have to download app wpro from play store. Then you have to scan the QR Code given in that app. Whose WhatsApp you want to check. And as soon as you scan the QR Code, then you can easily check someone’s whatsapp.

Question 1. How to see someone’s Whatsapp message?

Answer – To see someone else’s WhatsApp message, you have to download WAPro App in your phone. And all the steps mentioned above have to be followed.

So in this way you can read other’s WhatsApp Message in your phone. So we hope that you must have learned that Dusre Ka WhatsApp Msg/Massage Kaise Padhe

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