Know Your Postman – Mobile App Launched for the Benefit of India people 2022

Know Your Postman

know your postman

Know. Your Postmaster Mobile App Launched for the Benefit of India people

The app is Citizen friendly and promotes digitization of India Post: Postmaster General, India Post Mumbai, Smt. Swati Pandey

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India Post, Mumbai Region has launched a trail-blazing mobile application “Know Your Postman” on the occasion of National Mails Day, 10th October 2022. The unique android application designed and created by Mumbai Postal Region will enable the citizens to easily get the details of their beat postman. Citizens can search by locality, area, post office name, and pin code. More than 86,000 localities of Mumbai city and suburbs are readily available in the database.

The app was launched at an event organized at the Press Club of Mumbai, Mumbai today.

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Know Your Postman – A tool to find your local Postman with details within the vicinity of the Mumbai Postal Region.

This application will help you in providing details of:

1. Postman Details

2. Contact Details

3. Attached are Post Office Details

4. Attached are Post Office Contact Details

5. Attached Post Office Address


Speaking about the ‘Know Your Postman’ App, Postmaster General, India Post Mumbai Region, Smt. Swati Pandey said that “The App is an inhouse attempt of Mumbai Post region to be citizen friendly, citizen-centric and also promote digitization at the same time. This is completely for the benefit of all Mumbaikars. This is a revolutionary step. More than 86,000 addresses have been tapped so far.”

know your postman

Smt. Pandey informed that the app provides citizens an option to add their address if a particular address is not found. “There is a link through which citizens can click and share the details of their address to be added and India Post, Mumbai will update the address within 24 hours,” she informed.

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There are 89 delivery post offices in Mumbai city with approximately 2000 postmen/women with mobile devices. Mumbai city delivers approximately 2 to 2.5 lakhs accountable emails every day which includes speed posts, registered posts, Aadhaar cards, passports, etc.

Smt. Pandey also stated that India Post Mumbai region is conducting several training programs for the postmen/women whose average age is 45 years which is very high. “1,800 postmen are being trained in soft skills. They are trained on how to respond to the customers,” she added. She also mentioned that India Post’s backbone has always been its delivery services.

“Know your Postman” is India Post, Mumbai Region’s initiative towards the Digitisation of the postal network that will facilitate the working population of Mumbai. The app will enable citizens to directly communicate with their beat postman and facilitate delivery as per their convenience.

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